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I am a big fan of your game and would like to upload gameplay content to my YouTube channel. Would this be permissable??

I am keen to upload clips of the game as I am playing them and maintain a gaming channel on YouTube. The clips may span the entirety of the game.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you. :)

Thanks! If you like it so much then feel free to upload videos on your channel :-)

Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!!! :)

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I see you moved over to Steam. What happened to the files here on

Indeed, we moved over to Steam over year ago :) On there was only a pre-released version so we deleted it.

Everyone who bought Ben The Exorcist on got a Steam key to new version :)

I checked and you're correct. I got a Steam key. I was just digging through old stuff for things to play and came across your game.

Is this the same as the steam version ?

I do have the steam version as well  but was just wondering as i was browsing my itch games.

This one that was distributed by is an older version with only one ending. Only Steam version is a recent one

Thanks man   ,glad i have the steam version then :)

Very entertaining, neat job!


Very funny game but i was a bit confused sometimes

I want to play but I can't. :(

Sure you can. Just try it here:


I mean for free..... LOL It looks like a fun game to play. But I got no money to pay for it right now..... I be happy with a demo version of it.

Hey there, can you re-upload the game using ? It'll make it work for users (we've received reports of it not downloading for them - dropbox will do that.)

Thanks, done as you said - hope it will help with download problems

Why so high specs?

Working mirrors and dynamic lighting do the thing.

Oh ok

Will i be able to play it?My specs are:AMD FX8350 , geforce GT730 and 8 gb ram

We tested it on a little lower spec: Intel i5-4300M, Intel HD 4600 and 8Gb RAM. And it worked but only on lowest settings with resulution 800x600, on higher is starts to lose fps. So it should work on yours too - but remember to  lower the graphical settings :)

Hello! I had a question. How long is the game?

1,5h-4h. All quest items and placed logically but random, so it takes time to find them all

Hi! Which engine you're used in development? :)

We used UE4 ;)